In the heart of Henningsvær, we are constructing a new hotel complex inspired by traditional architecture and modern luxury.

Amidst this cultural milieu, among fishermen’s cabins and fish receiving station facilities, we are constructing an entirely new hotel complex and new quay areas comprising eight buildings inspired by ancient architecture and construction techniques. The hotel is named Henningsvær Bryggehotell. The name “Henningsvær” obligates us to preserve the heritage of the fishing village while simultaneously aspiring to create an exciting destination for residents, fishermen, merchants, and visitors.

The hotel is open from July 1st


11 Suites (from 42 – 120 sqm)
14 Junior Suites (From 38 – 42 sqm)
14 Superior double rooms ( from 24 sqm)
Chambre séparée

Environment and cultural heritage

Even though the hotel has not opened yet, our goal is clear: to preserve the environment and cultural heritage. Our experience with the harsh, authentic, and powerful landscape has shaped us into more than just a hotel. We aspire to be a living destination for anyone wishing to experience this region. From our architecture and decor to flavors and scents, we aim to reflect the culture and our location in the north, where mountains meet the sea in the heart of Lofoten. Our dedicated staff will provide guests with the opportunity to either unwind completely or engage in activities in the majestic alpine landscape. Each guest can choose their own pace!

Life by the newly constructed quay area

Taking a stroll along the new quay area, surrounded by our recently built houses in a traditional style, will undoubtedly provide you with a unique experience. Here, you can savor the scent of seaweed and kelp, the refreshing sea breeze, and observe seagulls and boats moving in harmony with the waves. The majestic mountain range on the horizon, the ever-shifting clouds, and perhaps even the Northern Lights in the evening, will all contribute to bringing you closer to the captivating nature of Northern Norway.

The outdoor space will be designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, featuring benches, a cozy fire pit, and elegant lounge chairs adorning the promenade. We have also planned to plant beautiful flowers along the quay area, not only for aesthetics but also to provide our guests with an extra degree of privacy.

Art and creativity in Henningsvær

Henningsvær is undoubtedly a town that has much to offer when it comes to art, and many artists have left their mark on this charming town. This rich artistic heritage will, of course, be incorporated into our hotel, and you will find traces of local art in our decor and ambiance, as a tribute to the creative spirit that characterizes Henningsvær.

Restaurant and Chambre séparée

We look forward to introducing our upcoming restaurant. Here, we will create a relaxing and modern atmosphere with an inviting and cozy ambiance. Our restaurant, set to open its doors in the summer of 2024, will have approximately 50 seats and will offer flavorful dishes appealing to both residents and international visitors. Our menu will consist of delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients, as well as small plates inspired by our regional culinary traditions. We will also have a dedicated Chambre séparée for intimate gatherings and special occasions.

For wine enthusiasts, we have carefully curated an impressive selection of quality wines, handpicked by our wine connoisseur.
Our impressive quay area, recently constructed in conjunction with the hotel, provides the opportunity for outdoor dining. Here, one can sit and enjoy small bites while watching people stroll between the houses and savoring the refreshing sea air.

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