Vind Brasserie

From 18.00 – 22.00

Our ambition is to highlight local ingredients through a new and modern kitchen, inspired by northern culture and geography.

The dishes we serve at Vind Brasserie are both flavorful and rustic, symbolizing a harmonious balance between local traditions and global culinary influences.

The chefs curate a menu that combines authentic Northern Norwegian ingredients with international flavors. Their passion for exploring nature is reflected in their choice of ingredients, including seaweed, kelp, fish directly from the fishing village, and premium Lofoten lamb. We hope this results in a unique and memorable dining experience for our guests.

Vind Brasseri at Henningsvær Bryggehotell

Chambre séparée

We have a dedicated Chambre séparée, ideal for intimate gatherings and special occasions. For wine enthusiasts, we have carefully curated an impressive selection of quality wines, handpicked by our wine connoisseur. Our new quay area offers the opportunity for outdoor dining. Here, you can sit and enjoy small plates while watching people stroll between the houses and savoring the refreshing sea breeze.

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