Approximately 50 persons

The restaurant opening this summer is located in the “main house”in the heart of the new pier facility.

Our ambitions are to highlight local ingredients through a unique and modern kitchen, inspired by the northern culture and geography. The dishes we serve will be both flavorful and rustic, symbolizing a harmonious balance between local traditions and global culinary influence.

The chefs take on the task of curating a menu that combines authentic ingredients from Northern Norway with international flavors. Their passion for exploring nature is reflected in the choice of ingredients, including seaweed, kelp, fish directly from fishing villages, and premium Lofoten lamb. This will result in a unique and memorable dining experience for our guests.
The atmosphere in the restaurant reflects the genuine hospitality that characterizes our region.

Chambre séparée

We will also have a private Chambre séparée, which will be ideal for intimate gatherings and special occasions. For wine enthusiasts, we have carefully curated an impressive selection of quality wines, handpicked by our sommelier. Our impressive pier area, recently constructed in conjunction with the hotel building, offers the opportunity for outdoor dining. Here, you can sit and enjoy small dishes while watching people stroll between the houses and feel the refreshing sea breeze.

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